No NVTX events collected issue

I am trying to use NVTX to profile some functions. Here are the code changes :
# include <nvtx3/nvtx3.hpp>

printProperties(&properties); // Function call
I am able to create a binary for x86 system (Used this DriveWorks SDK Reference: Getting Started Using the NVIDIA DRIVE OS NGC Docker Container)
Now I am using this binary on a linux x86 machine to be profiled on nsys. Used both nsys-ui (v2023.2.1) and CLI. On nys CLI I used this : sudo nsys profile -t nvtx --stats=true -b dwarf --force-overwrite true -o “result-file” “x86-binary”. I get the message : “No NVTX events collected. Does the process use NVTX” Any ideas how to debug this? Thanks


Please try and build the binary for x64, also you are missing “=” after the “–force-overwrite”.
It should be “–force-overwrite=true”.

Please update me on any progress
Good Luck!

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By default only messages, provided by NVTX registered strings are considered to avoid additional overhead.

We strongly recommend using registered strings. To enable non-registered strings check please launch your application with NSYS_NVTX_PROFILER_REGISTER_ONLY=0 environment: