No support for t194 SOC Family in tegra-defconfig with L4T 34.1.x?


i try to build a kernel from source with the new L4T Releases 34.1.x (contained in Jetpack 5.0.x DP) for use with a Xavier NX (production).

When I checked the default config (created with make tegra-defconfig), i recognised that the only SOC downstream option drivers that are included is the one for the t234 family (CONFIG_ARCH_TEGRA_23x_SOC).
Building the kernel (following Kernel Customization — Jetson Linux Developer Guide 34.1 documentation) with this config suceeds, but it won’t fit for the Xavier NX i want to boot on with.

When including the t194 drivers (ARCH_TEGRA_19x_SOC), the build fails exactly at the same point as posted in Building kernel 5.10 from script - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums.
No other config changes were made!

The Known Issues Section of the r34.1.1 Release Notes mention:

3499398 GPIO configuration utility does not work as expected in Linux 5.10 kernel included
in Jetpack 5.0 DP release

Does this mean no compilation actually possible due to incompatible pinctrl/pinmux implementations?
How can i successfully build a 5.x kernel for my Jetson Xavier NX?

Thanks in advance!

I had this issue since I was not feeding pinmuxing information to Xavier NX. When I pass a proper .cfg file with pinmux information, the issue is gone.

Suppose the source should able support t194/t234 in default configure.
Please don’t change any kernel configure to build the kernel to try.

how do you pass pinmux data to the kernel build process?

Pinmux is used during flashing, not during compilation of the kernel AFAIK.

Yes specify a proper pinmux.cfg file while flashing the board.

I referred to the build process of the kernel, not the flash process of the system image.

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