No /usr/local/cuda after RHEL7 .rpm install. Where's CUDA?

Sorry if this is abominably basic, but after following the install guide for an .rpm local install on RHEL7,
I’m not left with a /usr/local/cuda . Where did cuda go? The NVIDIA driver gets installed as part of the process and went fine.
lshw -numeric -C display
shows it’s my driver and the GUI comes up fine. But … I have no evidence of CUDA!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Should be

Problem is, it’s not. There’s nothing in /usr/local aside from the default directories.

[root@ ~]# ls /usr/local
bin etc games include lib lib64 libexec sbin share src

Use rpm to check installed packages:
rpm -qa |grep cuda
to list packages,
rpm -ql cuda
to list the files that are installed.

Ahh! Looks like most of it ended up in /usr/bin/ , with some profile stuff in /etc/profile.d. Thanks!

[root@ ~]# rpm -ql cuda