Nomachine on pc is black screen when connecting xavier without hdmi connected

A black screen is displayed when nomachine on windows has connected xavier without hdmi connected.when hdmi connected,the remote connected display is ok.How do the xavier set the display output even if without hdmi connected?

This is probably more than you wanted, but see:

A shorter description is that the default server displays to a monitor only. A different server has to be installed if it is to “pretend” that the other end of a network connection is the local system…that’s the virtual desktop. Quite often someone will install a server which overwrites the original server, and if the new server does not have the correct interface to load the NVIDIA GPU driver, it will go black.

Someone else who has actually installed one of the X servers with virtual remote desktop which works from a Jetson will probably need to comment.

I haven’t been playing with this for a while, but it may be worth giving a try to xserver-xorg-video-dummy such as:

All you need is a plug with an EDID EEPROM and a jumper link on the HPD (Hotplug Detect) pin. These things are called “EDID Emulators” and are available as a commercial product.

Of course, an eeprom plus a HDMI plug are much cheaper.


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