Use GPU without HDMI

Hi all,

I would need to use a jetson xavier remotely with team viewer.
I looked for some solutions on the internet, including an hdmi emulator, or by inserting a dummy screen to X11.

I tried the latter solution, but as a result I had that I could no longer display anything with hdmi (black screen) and with team viewer I could only see the screen in the initial phase of login, then black screen.

I had to re-flash the os, and now I would like to find a software solution, before buying the emulator.

Has anyone succeeded in this? Has anyone a suggestion?

Your topic was posted in the wrong category. I am moving this to the Jetson AGX Xavier category for visibility.

A user has shared how to run teamviewer:
Teamviewer on Jetson Nano - #4 by Honey_Patouceul

Please take a look and give it a try.

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