Step by step guide for remote access to Xavier AGX? Teamviewer alternative?

Hi, I am trying to find a remote access software for the Jetson AGX that has a GUI support. Innitially I was trying to set up Teamviewer, but i found out that it has no support for aarch64. I also tried to set up VNC, but i was not able to connect to it. Are there other softwares out there that is supported by Jetson AGX?

VNC should work, but may be a bit laggy. Search the Jetson&Embedded Systems forum for “VNC” and you will find a number of thread on this.

You may also try NoMachine .
You would download and install the ARM8 deb package. It may be the easiest way to install, it can work with many other OS such as WIndows and might be used over internet.
Better start with a local monitor and auto-logging.

What’s wrong with just running an X server on your local machine, and starting programs on the AGX over SSH with X forwarding?
It’s been working for any Linux system for the last umpteen years; it works just fine on Ubuntu 18.04 on Jetson.
If you need a SSH/X server program for Windows, you could do worse than MobaTerm. (But maybe you could also do better? I don’t know?)

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