Not getting invitation to Github repository

I’ve been trying to access the Nvidia Highlights SDK, which requires access to a private GameWorks repository.

I’ve accepted the EULA and typed my Github username (@ChaseMooncheese) dozens of times but I’ve never received an invite. Because of this, whenever I click the link that should take me to the repository, I get a 404 error. It has been over a year since I first requested access. Can anyone help?

Hello @rchasemooney and welcome to the NVIDIA developer community!

I am sorry to hear that you ran into trouble trying to access the GameWorks Github repositories.
Just as a note, the Highlights (GFE) SDK is deprecated and not supported or maintained anymore.

One common issue here is if you use different email addresses for registration. Both your github and NVIDIA dev zone email must be the same.

But of course sometimes application simply get lost in some spam folder.

I will reach out to the right people and try to get this resolved.


And of course speaking of Spam folder.

I can assume that you checked your Spam folder as well for a possible invitation? We had those cases before as well. No offense.


Yes, I’ve checked everywhere! For months! It just seems like the automated system system is broken. On this post about accessing to Flow SDK with the same process, a moderator said:

There is a problem with the automated GitHub process that is being worked on.
Its an issue that keeps coming up and there doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to fix it for good. :(
I will look into migrating the flow depot such that it becomes public too.
Update: I made Flow public so signing up is no longer required, enjoy.