Not updating display settings when disconnecting external monitor

When I disconnect my monitor from my laptop, Ubuntu still seems to think that it is plugged in and does’t update the display. This issue is Ubuntu specific (not occuring in windows) and my monitor worked fine with another laptop (Ubuntu 13.04, exact same drivers).

The quickfix:

  • open system settings
  • click Displays

Useful specs:

  • Graphics drivers: nvidia-313 (problem also occurs with the other propriatary drivers)
  • Graphics card: Nvidia Quadro K1000M
  • Monitor: Benq ET-0019-N
  • Cable: VGA D-sub DE15
  • OS: Ubuntu 13.04

I would like Ubuntu to update the display settings automagically whenever the monitor cable gets disconnected. How would I do that?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (55.9 KB)