nppiFilterRow_8u_C1R giving error -1000(KERNEL_EXECUTION_ERROR)

I am using nvidia nsight application to rotate and blur images. I am using the NPP libraries for the same,
Since i want to perform convolution among rows only, I am using nppiFilterRow for the same.

npp::ImageNPP_8u_C1 oDeviceDst(768 , 768);
Npp32s masksize = (Npp32s)KERNEL_LENGTH;
Npp32s anchor = (Npp32s)KERNEL_RADIUS;
NppiSize SzROI ={(int)oDeviceDst_gauss.width(),(int)oDeviceDst_gauss.height()};
std::cout << " anchor " << anchor << std::endl;
std::cout << " masksize " << masksize << std::endl;

NppStatus status2 = nppiFilterRow_8u_C1R(, oDeviceDst.pitch(),,
oDeviceDst_gauss.pitch(), SzROI, d_Kernel, masksize , anchor, 1);

 std::cerr << "status of blur is" << status2 << std::endl;

Error: status of blur is -1000
KERNEL_LENGTH is 2*radius +1;
kernel_radius is 8;
i have taken ndivisor=1;
Upon execution i am getting -1000 status.