Nsight and Python

We are building image analysis application where recording of video happens through C program(using DeepStream). After this frames been send to Message queue, and eventually be processed using Python program( inference logic).
How can I analyse both c program as well Python. Which IDE do I have to use, in case if I have to use Nsight for performance and resource analysis tool.


We have several tools for profiling.
In general, we recommend to start with Nsight system:



Thanks @AastaLLL

I went through some of video tutorials and found that Nsight needs to be invoked from Eclipse IDE. Currently, we use PyCharm for Python. Is it possible to use Nsight from PyCharm?


Please noted that Nsight is different from the Nsight System.
Nsight System is a profiling tool, and gather the data via ssh to the target device.


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