Is it possible to profile Jetson Xaviar NX on it with Nsight tools without any host?

I’ve written my code on a Jetson Xaviar NX and used nvprof to profile it.
However, I heard nvprof is deprecated and Nsight would be an alternative, and many tutorials describe how to debug Jetson programs with Nsight Eclipse Edition installed on a host Ubuntu machine.
The features of Nsight EE look good, so I want to use it.

Is an additional host (Ubuntu 18) machine needed for profiling cuda programs developed for/on Jetson using Nsight?(remote debugging is mandatory?)
Or is there any way to install Nsight tools and do that on a standalone Jetson?

The new profiling tool that replaced nvprof is Nsight Systems. You can get Nsight Systems for Jetson in the JetPack SDK.

The normal way to address Jetsons is via a remote host system, but we do have a CLI available.

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I found the CLI tool on /opt/nvidia/nsight_systems mentioned in this topic.