nsight compute fail to profile GPU data

Here, I used Nsight compute to profile GPU performance data.
Nsight systems Version: 2019.4.1.10-a76094a Linux
My target device is AGX jetson xavier
When I configed remote connection for target device, and configed Application Executable for absolute directory, then set a output file, I clicked profile but found an error:
The profiler returned an error code: 103
I want to know how to resolve the problem
Can I use nsight compute to profile GPU data for AGX jetson xavier?


Please noticed that our profiler requires root authority from CUDA v10.0.
Have you login with root?


sure, I don’t login with root, then I will try again.
Except that problem, I have another problem, for host software configuration, should cuda tookit be used for v10.0, the same version for CUDA v10.0 for target? Or we can use cuda tookit v10.1 for host nsight software version?