NSight Graphics 3D Texture Bug (Vulkan)

With Vulkan on Ubuntu, NSight Graphics has issues with a corrupted view/mapping (or some other problem) of the underlying memory on 3D RGBA floating point images.

The problem doesn’t happen when the image is single-channel or 2D. The issue appears to not be a problem on the first (xy) plane in the image, but affects the 2d planes where the z-coordinate is higher than 0.

After a CmdClearImage, NSight sees garbled memory along with an incorrect visualization of the texture in the UI. I’ve copied the contents of the image into a host-visible buffer for a manual inspection, and the whole image was cleared properly to rgba(0.5,0.5,0.5,0.5).

I also ran it under RenderDoc, which did not have this problem.

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this problem. I’m contacting the engineering team to have a look at your issue and I’ll let you know something afterwards. By the way which version of Nsight Graphics were you using?

Hello again,
Can you also share with me which version of Ubuntu and which GPU driver version you were using in addition to the Nsight Graphics version? If you have a repro that would be great as well. You can send those details to me directly at dwoods@nvidia.com if you like.


OS: Ubuntu 22.10
Tested with NSight Graphics versions:

  • 2022.6.1.0
  • 2022.7.0.0

I’ll see if I can send an MRE, but basically it’s just:

  • Create a 3D image
  • Transition it to GENERAL
  • vkClearImage
  • More or less empty presentation logic so that nsight can actually grab a frame


If you can provide an MRE that would be greatly appreciated. You can communicate with me at dwoods@nvidia.com if that works better for you.

We found the source of the issue and anticipate that it will be addressed in our upcoming 2023.2 release. Please let us know if this is not the case for you when that build comes out.