NSight not caputring frame due to extensions

Hi I am using the ARB_shading_language_include extension to compile my shaders, doing so looks like nsight cannot captures the frame anymore. Any work around that? I mean that extension is used only for compiling the shaders and performs some text swapping, how come that actually affects runtime?

Any tip would be much appreciated, I love the possibility to keep my shaders clean by using includes, but I don’t think is worth to loos NSight.

VisualStudio 2015, latest driver, openGL, gtx960
this is the report of the log:


Hi giordi91,

I am sorry that ARB_shading_language_incude is not supported by Nsight right now. You might need to ignore your shader include codes and use traditional shader compile and text swapping.

I will create some internal track for the support about ARB_shading_language_include.