Crash at frame capture


I have 560Ti (drivers 381.65), Windows 7, vs2013 and the lastest nsight version.

Since I’ve added texture arrays into my OpenGl application, the nsight frame capture crashes.
As soon as I don’t use the only texture array in the app, the frame capture works again.

This is pretty annoying as nsight is really helping me profile my app :)

Thanks for any help.

MiniDump file :

Hi again.
After many trials, I’ve found that setting the “Shader Debugging preference” option to “Disabled”, everything works like a charm again (although I loose shader debugging but that’s not the most important feature for me).


I’m sorry that Fermi family GPUs are no longer supported with Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.2 or better.
Can you try it again with Kepler family GPUs or better?
The supported GPUs Full List as the weblink: