The program crashs when using Nsight for Frame Profile

I’m using Visual Studio 2012.
Nsight Visual Studio:

Version 3.2.2
Build Number:

My Graphics Card Information:

GeForce GT 720M
Driver version: 33182
Directx 3D version: 11.1
OpenGL 4.4

Each time I try to pause and capture a frame, and then click in Frame Profile, my program crash. This apples for all OpenGL programs in my computer, even the simplest program such as displaying a triangle.
At first, I though it could be due to the Operating System, so I installed the OS again, but it still crashes. This is the stack at the time the program crashes.

Berfore crash



Could (or have) you tried turning off optimus on that machine? Debugging graphics on a optimus machine is not yet supported. if possible, see if you can turn it off.