Immediate Graphics Debugging crash


This is my first time using Nsight. When I attempt to debug my program in VS 2010 using Nsight > Start Graphics Debugging, I get a crash that occurs before the first frame is drawn. If I attempt to attach the VS2010 debugger to see where it crashed, I don’t get a call stack. If I click the “Check Online for a Solution…” button, I get nothing (the program just closes). If I click on View Problem Details, this is what I get:

I’m using Windows 7. This is an OpenGL application using OpenSceneGraph. And again, I am using Visual Studio 2010, version 10.0.40219.1

My graphics card is a GTX 680, and my driver version is 335.23

Edit: At the time that I wrote this post, I was using Nsight for Visual Studio version 3.2. I have since switched to using version 4.0, but I am still having the problem.

Any ideas?

Edit: I read on another forum post that graphics debugging requires the OpenGL 4.2 core profile to be used (although I’m guessing that has since been bumped to 4.3 or 4.4). Is that true? If so, that might be my problem.


If you don’t attach to the application does a window come up which generates a crash dump?


Hi Dan,

If I just run the application, without any debugger attached, there is no crash. However, if I run the program by going to Nsight>Start Graphics Debugging, I get a crash during initialization.


I mean to say that if you run “Start Graphics Debugging” but otherwise don’t attempt to attach to it with your own debugger, does a crash reporter come up? If you can send me the dump that it generates I can take a look at it (or alternatively if you want to send me your application I can take a look at that as well; send me a private message if so).


Thanks. I just get a window that says “My Program has stopped working”, with three options (“Check online for a solution”, “Close the program”, and “Debug the program”). There is also a View Problem Details button that, when clicked, shows the data in the quoted section of my original post.

If I click “Close the program”, I get nothing. The program just closes.
If I click “Check online…”, I briefly get a dialog box with a progress bar, saying that it is searching for a solution. As expected, it doesn’t find one, but somewhat unexpectedly it closes abruptly without telling me anything.

If I click the last option, it just opens an instance of Visual Studio with the app loaded in some sort of temporary solution. No call stack.

What I’ve tried doing instead is opening the actual solution from which the app was compiled, and manually attach the debugger from there. However, I still don’t get a call stack.

It doesn’t seem to offer me a crash dump in any of these cases. Curiously, I don’t even have a “Save Dump As…” option in my Debug menu, even though I’m using VS2010 Premium.

Thanks for offering to look at my application. It’s used for some in-house stuff at work, so I probably can’t share it (plus, it has a lot of dependencies that would be a pain for you to set up). I do really appreciate the offer, though.

It might help to mention that my program takes about 8-10 seconds to initialize. The OpenGL context is created immediately, but then it takes several seconds to load all of the models and textures and create the OpenGL objects for them.

The crash is immediate in the sense that it happens before the first frame is drawn, but it actually creates the OpenGL context and then does 8-10 seconds of initialization before actually crashing. So it’s not totally immediate.


Thank you for attempting to get a crash dump – normally our crash reporter would come up but for some reason it has not. I’ll investigate why that is.

Without a crash dump it is difficult to infer what might be going wrong. Hopefully if the issue with the crash reporter could be addressed we could find a way to get to the root of the problem.


Thanks very much, Dan. If there is anything I can do to help you find out why your crash reporter isn’t coming up, let me know.


Is there any chance you could provide us with a repro case? …if possible,an email attachment with the .zip file extension renamed to .zi_ would be great - sent to this address
If this is too big, we can set up an ftp - just let us know