Nsight systems on Windows 10 does not collect GPU profiling info, while Nsight Compute does

I’m trying to test my CUDA & tools installation on Windows, so profiling one of CUDA samples (Advanced/concurrentKernels).

I’m able to get full GPU profiling trace with Nsight Compute (after enabling performance counters), but unable to get any GPU information when running from Nsight Systems.

Same exe, launched from Nsight Systems - stacks at the beginning (with open “cmd” window) and when I stop profiling I get only CPU info.
I tried with/without administration permissions (“run as administrator”) - same behavior.

Driver version: 442.23
CUDA: 10.2
GPU: Geforce RTX 2070 Max-Q (laptop)
OS: Windows 10 (IDE - VS2019)
Nsight systems - ver. 2019.5.2
Nsight compute - ver.2019.5.0
(** both are coming with the Toolkit installation)

Unfortunately, I also can’t find the command-line “nsys.exe”, to try how it will behave (it distributed only on Linux?)
Attaching a *.qdrep file of the test :
Report 2.zip (229.9 KB)

Any idea what can help?

Thanks in advance.


I solved my problem.
For some reason, Windows defender blocked the Nsight System’s access to GPU tracing (although for Nsight Compute the GPU trace worked).
Changing definitions of allowed processes in Windows defender solved the issue.