Nsight VS Edition 4.7 on VS 2010 ignores all breakpoints

Hello, everyone. I need help on CUDA debugging

Here’s my project environment:
-Windows 10 32 bit
-Visual Studio 2010
-NSight, VS Edition, 4.7.015181
-CUDA Toolkit 6.5
-Adapter: GeForce 540M
-NVIDIA driver: 375.70

Error message:
A CUDA context was created on a gpu that is not currently debuggable. breakpoints will be disabled

Any help will be highly appreciated
Thank you

Hello rinsavs,

I’m not sure if nsight 4.7 should support windows 10 and 375.70 driver, I suggest that you can try Nsight 5.0, Nsight 5.1 doesn’t support Fermi card like 540m.

Best Regards