Nsys GPU error while profiling

Hi ,
I am working on A100 Server, i am trying to profile my cuda project Nsys on linux, we installed required SW to profile, but while running the below cmd i am seeing GPU card wont support.

initrd> nsys start --gpu-metrics-device=help
Possible --gpu-metrics-device values are:

Some GPUs are not supported:
NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe PCI[0000:81:00.0]

Could you please help here , what went wrong or need to install to support metrics.


What driver version do you have on the system?

From the user guide:

Minimum required driver versions:

  • NVIDIA Turing architecture TU10x, TU11x - r440
  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture GA100 - r450
  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture GA100 MIG - r470 TRD1
  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture GA10x - r455