Issue with GeForce RTX 3060: Unable to Enable GPU Metrics in Nsight Systems GUI

From the documentation (User Guide — nsight-systems 2023.4.1 documentation), using GPU Metrics for Linux targets on x86-64 requires NVIDIA Turing architecture or newer. I am using a GeForce RTX 3060 on Ubuntu 20.04 with driver version 470.223.02, but I cannot use GPU Metrics. Why is that?


@1397921243, thank you for reporting this issue. Please also help confirm the version of Nsight Systems — are you using the latest 2023.4.1?

One of the common issues that you might face is a permissions issue. Please see for more details. A quick way to confirm that is to try collecting from a command line:

  1. This should complain about the GPU not supported:
    nsys profile --gpu-metrics-device=help
  2. This should succeed:
    sudo nsys profile --gpu-metrics-device=help

Once this is confirmed, there are two ways to proceed:

  1. Use the CLI to collect GPU metrics
  2. Follow the instructions on to enable non-root collection temporarily or permanently
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It works,thank you so much!

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