Nsys launch julia hangs on on Windows 11

Hello- I’m trying to use Nsight Systems 2022.2.1 with the Julia programming language. When I try to launch the Julia REPL, the stdin/stdout/stderr streams are not available, and it just hangs until I hit Ctrl+C to exit. I’m running the following as Administrator from a PowerShell Core terminal on Windows 11:

  • nsys launch --show-output=true --trace=cuda C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia-1.7.2\bin\julia.exe

If I add --help to the end of the above command, then it will still hang for a moment without output, but will exit after a short pause without an error code. So it seems in that case that the help output is lost, and nsys exits normally when the underlying Julia process exits normally.

This is using Nsight Systems 2022.2.1\target-windows-x64\nsys.exe. If I instead try to use Nsight Systems 2022.2.1\host-windows-x64\nsys-ui.exe, I’m able to connect to my Windows localhost. When I try to profile Julia, a blank terminal window will launch, nothing will be displayed, and the profiler will hang until the terminal window is manually closed. The result will be no CUDA trace data collected.

I’m running as Administrator, on Windows 11, using Nsight Systems 2022.2.1, display driver 512.15, and Julia 1.7.2 installed from Download Julia. I’m not using WSL, just vanilla Windows.

Are you able to reproduce this issue on Windows? Is there any other information I could provide to help troubleshoot? Thanks.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for reporting this.
I confirm this is a bug in Nsight Systems. It will be fixed in the next release.

In the meantime, I can offer two workarounds:

  1. Trace Julia with Nsight Systems on Windows 10.
  2. Use a text editor to open the file C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Systems 2022.2.1\target-windows-x64\config.ini and add the following key to it: EnableStdOutErrCapture=false


Hi Doron,

Thank you! I got it working by following your suggestion #2 above, and also adding the following to my ~/.julia/config/startup.jl file:

  • ENV["JULIA_CUDA_NSYS"] = "C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Nsight Systems 2022.2.1\\target-windows-x64\\nsys.exe"

Thanks for fixing this in the next release of Nsight Systems, and for providing the workaround in the meantime.


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