Number of simultaneous encode/decodes using hardware assist

According to the datasheet for the Tx2 there can be 14x 1080p30 decodes and 8x 1080p30 encodes with H.265. Is there some information on how the “HD Video & JPEG” hardware assisted encode/decode can be divided? For example, If I have 7 H.265 1080p30 encodes running, can I run 2 or more H.265 decodes? If I have 2 MPEG2 decodes running, does that make either of the 14x 1080p30 decode or 8x 1080p30 encodes unavailable?

Hi kunice, encoder and decoder are individual HW engines on TX2, so it is good to run simultaneously. However, memory bandwidth is another limitation for simultaneous encoding/decoding. For 14x1080p30 decoding + 8x 1080p30 encoding, the bottleneck will be the memory bandwidth.

Thanks for the reply. We need to get an idea of the maximum simultaneous decodes/encodes possible at various frame rates, etc. Is there way to tell given N encodes and M decodes the memory bandwidth can or can’t handle the load?

Hi kunice,
We don’t have simultaneous encoding/decoding test case in SQA coverage. We have verified 4 1080p25 H264->H265 transcoding on TX1:

I think it should be good for 6 1080p30 transcoding on TX2.

Thanks for the reply. I was looking for a more objective approach to determining if a particular transcode configuration would be sustainable on the TX2. We are considering receiving 8 SD/HD streams, decoding them, then re-encoding with H.265. So from the discussions above, this should work.