nv-nsight-cu-cli Warning no section files found in search paths

Iuse nv-nsight-cu-ci on Xavier for performance,but prompt the following information:

==PROF== WARNING: No section files found in search paths.
---------- ------------ --------
Identifier Display Name Filename
---------- ------------ --------

I use the following command:

nv-nsight-cu-cli --section-folder=/usr/local/cuda-10.0/NsightCompute-1.0/sections --list-sections

but This directory contains section files:ComputeWorkloadAnalysis.section so on

Q:why no sectin files found?

thank you

Hi, which version of Nsight Compute (nv-nsight-cu-cli) are you using for this command? Could you please post the output of:

nv-nsight-cu-cli --version

Where are the section files from that are in


Normally, the section directory for Nsight Compute 1.0 is named “ProfileSectionTemplates”, it was renamed in later versions of the tool. If the “sections” directory contains section files from a newer version of Nsight Compute than the one you are using for the command, they are likely to be not compatible.

Later versions of Nsight Compute (e.g. 2019.3.1) will show you more helpful error messages if the found .section files are incompatible, but 1.0 did not yet have this feature.

HI, the version of Nsight Computer:

NVIDIA (R) Compute Command Line Profiler
Copyright (c) 2012-2018 NVIDIA Corporation
Version 1.0 (Build 25074883)

I am building a directory “ProfileSectionTemplates” in


and write a SampleSection.section

Identifier: "SampleSection"
DisplayName: "Sample Section"
Description: "This sample section shows information on active warps and cycles."
Header {
 Metrics {
 Label: "Active Warps"
 Name: "l1tex__throughput.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_elapsed"
 Metrics {
 Label: "Active Cycles"
 Name: "l1tex__throughput.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_active"


nv-nsight-cu-cli --list-sections

==PROF== WARNING: No section files found in search paths.
---------- ------------ --------
Identifier Display Name Filename
---------- ------------ --------

any updates on this?

ls /usr/local/cuda/NsightCompute-1.0/sections
ComputeWorkloadAnalysis.section  CPIStallLongScoreboard.py    CPIStallNotSelected.py         IssueSlotUtilization.py                NvRules.py                   SpeedOfLight.section
CPIStallBarrier.py               CPIStallMathPipeThrottle.py  CPIStallShortScoreboard.py     LaunchStatistics.py                    Occupancy.section            ThreadDivergence.py
CPIStallDispatchStall.py         CPIStallMembar.py            CPIStallSleeping.py            LaunchStatistics.section               SchedulerStatistics.section  WarpStateStatistics.section
CPIStallDrain.py                 CPIStallMioThrottle.py       CPIStallTexThrottle.py         MemoryWorkloadAnalysis_Chart.section   SlowPipeLimiter.py
CPIStallImcMiss.py               CPIStallMisc.py              CPIStallWait.py                MemoryWorkloadAnalysis.section         SourceCounters.section
CPIStallLgThrottle.py            CPIStallNoInstructions.py    InstructionStatistics.section  MemoryWorkloadAnalysis_Tables.section  SpeedOfLight.py

but when i run

nv-nsight-cu-cli --list-sections

, i get the same no section file error

Apologies for the late reply.

The new section file you created, SampleSection.section, is not valid for Nsight Compute 1.0, as section files for that version don’t support the “Description” field. As for the last comment you posted, I think it’s the same issue I pointed out earlier, namely that the section directory is named “ProfileSectionTemplates” in Nsight Compute 1.0, not “sections”.

If you would like to create custom sections for Nsight Compute 1.0, please put them in the “ProfileSectionTemplates” directory and have them follow the format given by the already provided section files in that version. You can also inspect the protocol buffer description for section files in that version’s “extras/FileFormat/ProfilerSection.proto” file.

However, I very much recommend that you move to the latest version of Nsight Compute, if that’s possible for you, as it will contain many bug fixes, newer features and better performance.