Program being profiled not exiting

I have a very odd problem. I was using Nsight Compute on Linux and it was working fine. Then I tried to add a custom section file, and things got sort of messed up. I deleted the installation and made a new one, although my old profiles and projects were still present in another folder.

Now everything works fine, except that for some reason when I run a profile, the program exits and the profile is created but the GUI stays stuck on “Profiling…”. At which point I must manually hit cancel and then go open the profile file manually.

Any suggestions? Any magic files I can delete outside my cuda install directory that maybe got corrupted?

Thank you,

Hi Harris,

there are no “magic” files. There are a few files like project and settings that you could try to remove, to see if that helps. You can find the location of the project files for each OS here: You might want to remove both “.nsight-cuproj” and “.ncu-proj” files.

In addition, you would want to remove the settings file, which on Linux would be

(user)/.config/NVIDIA Corporation/NVIDIA Nsight Compute.ini

Last but not least, you could check if you have a profiler lock file at


You could also try to see if profiling using the command line interface directly works or not, to isolate the issue further.

Thank you Felix! After deleting all that and a reboot I’m back to working as usual.