Nsight Compute doesn't profile VS app


I’m stuck with NVIDIA Nsight Compute (2021.1.0.0).
I installed NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_2021.1.0.21103_29839620.msi.

My CUDA console app runs fine when started from console.
The app was coded using VS2019.
CUDA 11.3 toolkit is installed.

When I connect/launch with Nsight Compute …

the Connect to process windows shows:

Progress Log

Launched process: ncu.exe (pid: 18352)
Launch succeeded.

the console shows:

==PROF== Attempting to connect to ncu-ui at
==PROF== Connected to ncu-ui at

The app doesn’t execute beyond the first API call (cudaMallocManaged()).

When I stop the console window, I get a warning message:

The profiler returned an error code: 3221225786 (0xc000013a)

All this independently whether I use the debug or release version.
I tried the same on an Ubuntu system, Nsight Compute profiles the same app properly.
I believe I’m missing something basic, but I don’t catch what it might be.

Any ideas?