NV_shader_buffer_load and Atomics produce Error

Hey guys,

since updating to the latest driver revision, my shaders do not compile anymore, particulary atomic operations on linear memory.

GPU: GeForce 560 Ti
Driver: 334.67, before: ~332
OS: Windows 7, 64Bit

The shader snipped uses the following to modify an array buffer:

coherent uniform uint *nodeStorage;

... in Vertex-Shader ...

// Unflag it
uint childIndex = atomicAnd(nodeStorage + currentParentNode*SIZE_NODE + NODE_CHILD_OFFSET, UNSUBDIVIDED_FLAG_INV);

Recently it worked, now I get this Shader-Log:

0(415) : error C7610: argument 1 to atomicAnd needs to be a variable
0(453) : error C7610: argument 1 to atomicExchange needs to be a variable

I have no clue how to modify my atomicAnd call to get it working with the new drivers. Any ideas?

Update: Told by an nvidia engineer, its a compiler bug. The workaround is to to assign it to a local variable before using the atomic function.