NV-TEGRA Site is Down

Hello, nv-tegra.nvidia.com is down which is preventing the source_sync.sh script from running. Is there an ETA on when nv-tegra.vidia.com might be back up? I’ve been checking since ~10 am Pacific today.


Hi ck240,

I can access the nv-tegra.nvidia.com without problem, could you try again?

Hi, I tried again and it’s still down.

I verified it’s not just my machine using Nv-tegra.nvidia.com - Is Nv-tegra Down Right Now?

Are you connected to NVIDIA internal networks? It might be a networking issue where it’s only accessible within NVIDIA

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I have asked our internal team to check this issue, please stay tuned.

I have also run into this issue, nv-tegra.nvidia.com seems to be down (have tried accessing from multiple locations, based in the UK).

Following, same issue from Italy.


Hi guys,

I’m from Brazil and facing the same issue here (Unable to connect to nv-tegra.nvidia.com).
I also called for support in another topic: Unable to connect to nv-tegra.nvidia.com

I am having the same issue while trying to run source_sync.sh
I’m in California and also cannot connect to or ping nv-tegra.nvidia.com

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This http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com server down issue has been fixed.
Please help to get it a try.


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I can access it now. Thanks!

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