NvAPI_GPU_GetTachReading returning 0 RPM

When using the NvAPI_GPU_GetTachReading() method, the fan speed returned for my GPU is 0. I don’t believe this seems right? I am testing out the source code below on a GTX 1050 Ti. Is anyone else facing this issue?

NvU32 fanSpeed = 0; // the GPU fan speed reading

// get the GPU fan speed
m_apiStatus = NvAPI_GPU_GetTachReading(m_ptrPhysicalHandlers[physHandlerNum], &fanSpeed);

// check if the API successfully obtained the GPU fanspeed
if (m_apiStatus == NVAPI_OK)
// return the GPU fan speed
return fanSpeed;
// let the user know an error occurred obtaining the GPU fanspeed
throw gcnew Exception(GetApiErrMsg(m_apiStatus));

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