I’ve noticed that others were sent a NDA application when they requested one. I’m the developer of DisplayMagician and I’m trying to build an opensource program that allows a user to save their display configurations into a display profile. The idea is that they can then swap between their display profiles and run a game with a single click.

For this to work, I need to be able to save the current display layout. And I’m hoping that by signing the NDA I will be able to use the NVAPI library the way it was designed.

I have figured out how to use NVAPI via trial and error over the last 6 months, but I’d really love to get access to some proper documentation so I can know I’m using NVAPI correctly.


Dear @terry.macdonald

Thanks for reaching out to us with your query. Let me follow up with you on your query in a 1:1 conversation.

Thank you.
NVAPI Forum Moderator

Is this really the expected process? To message someone on the forum to ask for an NDA application?

If yes, I’d like to speak with someone too.

And I’ll agree documentation online for NVIDIA libraries feels lacking.