Nvarguscamerasrc - no cameras available

Hi Folks,
I have AR0234+ISP(YUV) camera on jetson nano.
It’s available in /dev/video0 but nvarguscamerasrc can’t detect it, it produces “No cameras available”.
Pls also note that v4l2src works fine.

I did the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. enabled userspace logs with
    export enableCamPclLogs=5 export enableCamScfLogs=5

  2. ran
    sudo /usr/sbin/nvargus-daemon

  3. ran, in another terminal :

Looking back at the nvargus-daemon window I saw :
=== NVIDIA Libargus Camera Service (0.98.3)=== Listening for connections…=== nvgstcapture-1.0[19319]: Connection established (7F8F6481D0)OFParserGetVirtualDevice: NVIDIA Camera virtual enumerator not found in proc device-tree
=== nvgstcapture-1.0[19319]: CameraProvider initialized (0x7f888b5910)

Does this mean that device tree for tegra-camera-platform is incomplete?
cd /proc/device-tree/tegra-camera-platform/modules
#Here only one file “name” is avialable. There is no module0/module1 subdirectories - which is issue I guess?
What can I do to find the root cause?

hello Lusine1,

nvarguscamerasrc did not support with YUV camera sensors. (i.e. external ISP)