NvBufSurfTransform interface error:“Failed to configure VIC Target Surface”

Hi,when I use NvBufSurfTransform interface to do image format conversion and scaling,NvBufSurfTransform interface error printing:“/dvs/git/dirty/git-master_linux/nvutils/nvbufsurftransform/nvbufsurftransform.cpp:3032: => Failed to configure VIC Target Surface”.My input parameters are the same as sample code,but this error still occurs.Please help me to see what the problem is?

We have sample code in DeepStream SDK. Please look at


You can follow README to successfully run it first and refer to it for developing your usecase.

Hi,when I run gst-dsexample code, it can convert NV12 format to RGBA format successfully, but when I convert NV12 format to BGR format ,the same error printing will still appear.I want to know if this is a hardware or software limitation.Are there
any good ways to convert NV12 format to BGR format by using hardware?

In the gst-dsexample code, it use opencv to convert RGBA to BGR.Is there a hardware interface that can implement this conversion?


It is limitation in hardware engine. Please refer to a similar topic:
[Gstreamer] nvvidconv, BGR as INPUT

The solution is demonstrated in dsexample sample. Need to convert to RGBA through NvBufSurfTransform() and to BGR through cv::cvtColor().

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