Nvc++ with libc++ instead of libstdc++?

The NVIDIA HPC SDK documentation says that:

Linux installations require some version of the GNU Compiler Collection (including gcc, g++, and gfortran compilers) to be installed and in your $PATH prior to installing HPC SDK software.

But what exactly does nvc++ need g++ for? Is it just for libstdc++?

If so, then is there any way to configure nvc++ to include a different standard library such as libc++ instead?

As discussed in Cpp2 TERMINATED by signal 11, libstdc++ is using a data type that is not compatible with stdpar, and I would like to check whether the same issue exists with libc++ as well.

In order to be object compatible with g++, we needed to move to using their name mangling and exception handling scheme, but also their STL. At this point, we don’t have way to switch over to using LLVM’s.