nvcamerasrc - trigger frame capture at precise time?

I have a working gstreamer pipeline which uses nvcamerasrc to: 1) stream video and 2) save off individual frames as .jpg images, at a low rate (0.5 hz). I need to get the timestamp of the saved images so I can correlate with other data.

It seems like there isn’t a software-only way to get the timestamp of any image, for instance see https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1030288/jetson-tx2/get-very-precise-timestamp-of-camera-frame-time/.

But it would be just as well for me if I could trigger the .jpg capture at a known time - is this possible with the nvcamerasrc “trigger” property, or something else?

I’m using a TX2 with LI IMX-290 camera and LI-TX1-CB Rev 1.3 carrier board.

The nvcamerasrc ‘trigger’ property cannot capture at exact time. You probably leverage appsink. Below is a similar case for your reference: