NVCOMPOSITOR in JetPack3.2.1 and Gstreamer 1.14.1

I installed JetPack3.2.1.
I confirmed that can use nvcompositor element of gstreamer 1.8.3.

And then, I installed Gstreamer 1.14.1.
But I could not use nvcompositor element(1.8.3).

At that time, error messages is followings.

(gst-plugin-scanner:32727): GStreamer-WARNING **:Failed to load plugin ’ usr/local/lib/gstremaer-1.0)/libgstnvcompositor.so’: /usr/local/lib/libgstbadvideo-1.0.so.0: undefined symbpl: gst_videoaggregator_pad_get_type

gstreamer 1.8.3 have gst_videoaggregator_pad_get_type.
gstreamer 1.9 or more does not have gst_videoaggregator_pad_get_type,
but have gst_video_aggregator_pad_get_type. <- there is “_” between “video” and “aggregator”

How should I do to use NVCOMPOSITOR in JetPack3.2.1 and Gstreamer 1.14.1?

Hi kozo,
We don’t officially support Gstreamer 1.14.1 on r28.2/r28.2.1.

Thank you for your response.
What version of Gstreamer does officially support JetPack 28.2.1?
Only Gstreamer 1.8.3.
I want to use Gstreamer newer version.
The reason is that the rtspsrc element in Gstreamer 1.8.3 does not issue “Teardown”.
And, the rtspsrc element of Gstreamer 1.14.1 can issue “teardown” .

We have clearly given usage of nvcompositor in https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/l4t-accelerated-gstreamer-guide-28-2-ga

Note: nvcompositor supports video decode (gst-omx) with the overlay render pipeline for gst-1.8.3.

You can try to backport Gstreamer 1.14.1 changes you are interested in back to Gstreamer 1.8.3. We have a custom version of Gstreamer 1.8.3 with some of the changes backported on our TX2, so if you have experience in Gstreamer development and free time, that could be an option to consider.


Hello albert,

Thank you for your advide.

Now, I’m using Gstreamer 1.8.3. And, the interesting element is rtspsrc
and I modifyed the source code.
As rtspsrc in 1.8.3 does not issue “Teardown”.