Gstreamer upgrade

Hi, I knew there is a official script gst-install, for compiling and building Gstreamer 1.16.

Does it work on 1.18 or 1.20? Does all nvidia plug-in/modules , ie nvv4l2decoder, nvivafilter etc compatible if I upgraded gstreamer?
Are there any potential issues if I build manually?

Do nvidia have any roadmap about which version of gstreamer will be delivered in later jetpack?

TX2 series are supported on Jetpack 4 releases and it will stay on 1.14.5. For manually upgrading gstreamer version, you may try to re-compile the plugins with later version. These plugins are public and in
L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources

The nvivafilter plugin is not open souce, so if you use it in your use-case, we would suggest stay on 1.14.5.

Can I manually copy nvivafilter module to newer gstreamer that build manually? You suggest to stay at 1.14 just because not guarantee it is compatible?


Yes. It is build with 1.14.5. 1.18 and 1.20 is far from 1.14. The so file may not work properly.

A possible solution is to move the code into nvvidconv or nvcompositor plugin. These plugins are implemented based on NvBuffer APIs and you can access the buffer through the APIs directly.

My code in nvivafilter invoked .cu cuda code, also api of jetson-utils jetson-utils, do u think I can move to nvcompositir?

It should work by compiling the cuda code with nvcc and link to nvcompositor. We have similar code demonstration in jetson_multimedia_api:


With similar code and Make file you can make the customization in gstreamer.

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