GStreamer version in L4T

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This is a Jetson-device generic question, but I was pointed here from another forum: GStreamer version in L4T

We 've been using Jetson devices (TX1/TX2/NX/AGX) in our products for a couple of years now. On the one hand we have Nvidia L4T providing us with runtime libraries, and on the other hand we have our own software stack to build from. Our main product application integrates with GStreamer for HW-accelerated video decoding/encoding/RTSP serving.

Over the course of our product lifetime, we frequently update the 3rd party libraries in our software stack. Sometimes we need new features, bugs are fixed upstream and very important as well: security issues are fixed. Of course we also have to upgrade the stack when integration with TensorRT/cuDNN changes upon an Nvidia JetPack upgrade.

However, we noticed, even though everything else is being upgraded in JetPack, the GStreamer version is same. It was GStreamer-1.14.5 in JetPack 4.3, it still is GStreamer-1.14.5 in JetPack 4.6. Why is that? GStreamer-1.14 is from March 2018, and v1.14.5 will most likely be the last bugfix update. On the host-side of our software we’re using v1.18.5 and we’re slowly starting to notice some development tension; we’d like to use features/fixes from v1.18 , but we’re unable to migrate them to our Jetson-based product because of the GStreamer version lag in L4T. We’re not able to rebuild the hardware-accelerated drivers, so we can’t upgrade this ourselves.

What is the plan and strategy for Nvidia regarding the GStreamer version? Can we expect an upgrade at some point?

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We will upgrade to 1.16.3 in next Jetpack 5. If you need to run on another version, you can consider to build the plugins manually. The plugins are open source from Jetpack 4.5.1. Please refer to this post:
How to make videomix-plugin not block when one or more datasource stop? - #5 by DaneLLL

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