NvDCF tracker: what if detector fails?

Hi all,
i am doing some test on NvDCF tracker using DeepStream container running on a server with A6000 dGPU.

As far as i understood from this video, the visual tracking of NvDCF should allow me to localize an object at frame #1 even if there is no output from detector, since the tracker learned a filter using detector’s information at frame #0.

This is super interesting for my use case. I need to detect a person in a video. As far as the person is walking, i detect and track him without problems. At some point during the video, the person lies down on the ground and the detector, obviously, fails.

How can i use NvDCF tracker to perform localization and display the metadata (e.g bounding box) when there is no output from detector? I expect the learned DCF to always output something, even if it would fail on the target. Indeed, this raises another question: how can i recognize the bounding box given by the detector-tracker sinergy and the ones from the tracker only?

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I used your docker container to run DS. My setup is your setup!


Can you refer below topic?

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