NVDEC - Only I-Frames are decoded correct

I am dececoding a h.264 stream from a ip camera.
The decoding process itself is working, but the returned images from the nvdec decoder are not correct.

Only I-Frames are decoded correct. All other frames only contain artefacts where the images has changed.

When using the VLC to decode the stream all images in the stream are decoded correct an no artefacts are visible.

What can be the error? Any missetting in the parameters for the decoder?

Attachement: stream send by camera
test.zip (10.9 MB)

It decodes fine for me. Can you give more details on what code you are using for decoding, your graphics card, driver version, etc.?

I found the error myself.

The decoder was fixed to decode 1080 lines. But 1080 lines are always encode as 1088 lines to fit the 16x16 makroblocks.