NVdecode outputting green crap on windows

On windows10 the NVdecodeD3D11 outputs green crap when using an MKV or TS with HEVC 10bit UHD. The only thing that seems to work is the included mpeg2 sequence in the samples. What am I doing wrong ?


I got the same problem on my GTX 1070. I used Visual Studio and launched the application through the debugger and then it works.

I switched to linux now and the NvEncoder here does exactly the same, it only outputs green scrambled images.

NvEncoder -i test1.yuv -codec 0 -fps 25 -preset LowLatencyHQ -size 3840 2160 -bitrate 2100000 -vbvMaxBitrate 2100000 -o output1.mp4

Same with -codec 1

Is this still a problem? Which driver are you using?

Case closed: It was a driver issue.
I don’t remember which version had this problem but the latest is clean