NVENC CBR bitrate way below configured average bitrate

When using CBR rate control and configuring AverageBitrate = 300Kbps I get an encoded bitrate around 100kbps if the video is not very dynamic. If the video is very dynamic the encoded bitrate ends up around the expected 300kbps.
The same happens with other higher bitrates but in low bitrates the issue is especially problematic for my use case.

Is there any way to configure the encoder to provide a bitrate closer to the expected one even when the video is not changing that much?

Thank you very much

You can try setting ‘enableFillerDataInsertion’ in encoder config parameter to 1. This flag enables insertion of filler NALU data in the bit-stream. Refer to NVIDIA EncodeAPI header for more details.


Thank you very much. That’s what we are doing now (and works fine) but I was wondering if there was a way to have more accurate bitrate without having to send filler data.
I guess the answer is no based on that.