NVENC Linux without CUDA dependency

Hello everyone, I have question about NVENC SDK for Linux.

Let me explain my issue:

We have:
XenServer with Tesla M60 cards + vGPU drivers.
16 Linux VM with vGPU attached, 16 users, 1 user have access to one vm, It is not possible for us to give one vm for all users.
OpenGL is working perfectly with x11vnc.

We need to find way how to use NVENC h264 encoder in Linux VM with vGPU attached.

  1. Does it possible to use NVENC hardware encoder without CUDA on Linux VM?
    where can I get sdk? may be I need private sdk?

  2. Does it possible to use NVFBC h264 / NVIFR h264 without CUDA dependency on Linux VM?

Thank you for help.

Please do not send me back to grid forums. I already came from grid forums. Jason_Southern was unable to help me.

PS: NVidia forget to update grid sdk for linux :/ (but it can be used with pain)