Nvenc low latency zero loss?


I’ve recently seen some demo’s with NVenc, shadowplay and gamestream,
and I was hoping we might be able to use the same technology for our purposes.
(Streaming a full workstation display)

We’re looking for 2560x1600@30fps with <100ms latency and no quality loss.
available bandwidth is 700mbit/second.

Is it at all possible to use NVenc on a K1 card to do this? Or is this overly optimistic?

What you’re describing is the functionality delivered by solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon VIEW both of which are GRID certified.

Implementing these technologies in conjunction with a GRID K1 card would allow you to deliver the desktop you’re describing.

However, if you’re thinking of developing your own solution, there is a GRID SDK available in the developer forums, and the FAQ is available here.


Ah yes, I forgot to mention the crucial detail that I’m looking to do this for a linux guest,
hence my looking into a custom solution. Sorry about that.

Anyway, thank you for the link, it should serve as a good starting point, much obliged.

No problem. If you’re looking for Linux, take a look at Nice DCV or even HP RGS.

If you do build your own, keep us updated on how you get on.