NvEncGetEncodePresetConfigEx does not seem to return an actual configuration

I call nvEncGetEncodePresetConfigEx to get a pre-populated configuration structure for AV1 encoding. The call to this method returns successfully. When I inspect the returned configuration structure, it does not seem to contain actual preset values though. Almost all values are 0, with the exception of the rate control mode, which is set to VBR, and the constQP struct which contains values of 114, 131, and 147 for the I, P, and B frames respectively. It also does not matter which of the profiles from P1 to P7 I ask for in the call to nvEncGetEncodePresetConfigEx, I always get the same result.

Hi @_danny,

Did you check the documentation regarding how to enumerate and query the presets correctly?

My guess would be that either some of the parameters you used in the process might be incorrect, or the presets actually do not allow to override everything you expected?