nvgstcapture - IMX274 :: Image to dark

Hi All,

We are playing with the IMX-274 (with the leopard driver) which we are running in HD preview mode (nvgstcapture --prev-res=4) at 30fps.

The image looks fantastic with plenty of indoor light or outside - absolutely gorgeous!

However when you dim the lights to 1 lux or below it’s absolutely pitch black even though the camera should be able to produce fine crisp images at this lighting level.

I see in the Sony datasheet that there are two types of Gain settings

Register 3012h (DGAIN) Digital Gain
Register 300Ah (PGC) Analog Gain setting

Is there any to manipulate these registers with nvgstcapture?

I have seen drivers in the past that auto detects the lighting level and as it gets darker it increases the gain automatically and then at some point even switches to Black & White etc…

Does anyone have such a driver for this chip or clues on how to make this?

I’m willing to pay a little for it as well


Hi LaseRoedtnes
You may report the problem to leopard. I think this need image tuning from them.