nvgstcapture: no exposure-time option

In this link:


nvgstcapture has an option to set the exposure-time. However, on my tx2, nvgstcapture does not have this option.

How can I set the exposure-time?

Below are the options I see on my TX2:

nvgstcapture-1.0 --help

Encoder null, cannot set bitrate!
Encoder Profile = High
nvgstcapture-1.0 [OPTION…] Nvidia GStreamer Camera Model Test

Help Options:
-h, --help Show help options
–help-all Show all help options
–help-gst Show GStreamer Options
–help-nvcamerasrc Show nvcamerasrc Options

Application Options:
–prev-res Preview width & height.Range: 2 to 12 (5632x4224) e.g., --prev-res=3
–cus-prev-res Custom Preview width & height e.g., --cus-prev-res=1920x1080
–image-res Image width & height. Range: 2 to 12 (5632x4224) e.g., --image-res=3
–video-res Video width & height. Range: 2 to 9 (3896x2192) e.g., --video-res=3
–csi-source CSI Camera Plugin (0=NVArgusCamera 1=NVCamera)
-m, --mode Capture mode value (1=still 2=video)
-v, --video-enc Video encoder type (0=h264[HW] 1=vp8[HW] 2=h265[HW] 3=vp9[HW])
-b, --enc-bitrate Video encoding Bit-rate(in bytes) e.g., --enc-bitrate=4000000
–enc-profile Video encoder profile (Only for H.264) (0=Baseline, 1=Main, 2=High)
-J, --image-enc Image encoder type (0=jpeg_SW[jpegenc] 1=jpeg_HW[nvjpegenc])
-k, --file-type Container file type (0=mp4 1=3gp 2=mkv)
–file-name Captured file name. nvcamtest is used by default
–orientation Camera sensor orientation value
-w, --whitebalance Capture whitebalance value
–timeout Capture timeout value
–saturation Camera Saturation value
-A, --automate Run application in automation mode
-S, --start-time Start capture after specified time in seconds. Default = 5 sec (use with --automate or -A only)
-Q, --quit-after Quit application once automation is done after specified time in seconds. Default = 0 sec (use with --automate or -A only)
-C, --count Number of iterations of automation testcase. Default = 1 (use with --automate or -A only)
–capture-gap Number of milliseconds between successive image/video capture. Default = 250 msec (use with --automate and --capture-auto only)
–capture-time Capture video for specified time in seconds. Default = 10 sec (use with --automate and --capture-auto only)
–toggle-mode Toggle between still and video capture modes for count number of times (use with --automate or -A only)
–capture-auto Do image/video capture in automation mode for count number of times(use with --automate or -A only)
–enum-wb Enumerate all white-balance modes for count number of times (use with --automate or -A only)

Supported resolutions in case of NvCamera and NvArgusCamera
(2) : 640x480
(3) : 1280x720
(4) : 1920x1080
(5) : 2104x1560
(6) : 2592x1944
(7) : 2616x1472
(8) : 3840x2160
(9) : 3896x2192
(10): 4208x3120
(11): 5632x3168
(12): 5632x4224

Of course, moments after posting this request, I see there is a --help-all which does list the exposere-time option.