NvGstPlayer Source Code


I’m Working with a TEGRA3 with Angstrom distribution and I would like to make some test with Gstreamer.

NvGstPlayer is working correctly on my board but I would like to make some change on it and I would like to know if the source code of the soft are available?

Where Can I found them?

Thanks in advance,



Unfortunately I don’t think the source code for the NvGstPlayer is available.

What kind of test are you interested in?

In fact I’m looking for an open source code able to take in input several video file format and display it, be able to make play/pause and to know where I am in the timeline.

NvGstPlayer was doing this exactly like I would but I need to control the play/pause and other commands from a distant server and I haven’t found source code to make a player with the same functionnality working on ANGSTROM…

Building your own simple player application is quite straightforward. An element called “playbin” does all the tricky stuff. Just add that to a pipeline that you can play and pause and set the nv specific video element.

This is what I meant:


I haven’t had the time yet to test if it actually works on Jetson (my Jetson is inside an RC car without HDMI possibility).

If you try it out, let me know what happens.