NVHPC for windows 10?

When is it likely that NVHPC will be available for windows 10?

It’s in development but no firm timeline for release.

So, install unix is only way to use new 30 series graphic card, isn’t it?

With the NV HPC SDK? Yes, to use devices with the Ampere architecture you would need to use a Linux OS.

Is there any other way? PGI compiller now is part of NV HPC and old versions don’t support new architecture

Sorry Paul. Unfortunately the PGI Windows package was out of date with regards to our updated compiler tool chain. Given the vast majority of HPC sites use Linux, a higher priority was given to Linux. But now that the transition to the NV HPC SDK product on Linux is complete, we are able to go back and update the Windows compilers to use a LLVM back-end as well as work on adding a C++ compiler for Windows. This work is in process and we hope to have a product available in the near-term, but given the nature of software development, we can’t give an exact release date as of yet.

I should note that, while we don’t officially support it and I don’t know it will work in your case, I’ve at least one user that’s had good luck with WSL2. She was able to install the Linux HPC SDK on WSL2 without issue and has successfully run an OpenACC enabled code.

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