nvidia 290.25 drm:drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_dependencies [drm_kms_helper]] *ERROR* [CRTC:32:crtc-0] flip_done timed out

When I enable drm_modesetting with Linux 4.15 I got serveral of thesse message and slow GPU performance.

drm:drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_dependencies [drm_kms_helper]] ERROR [CRTC:32:crtc-0] flip_done timed out

Wed Feb 21 2018 07:43:32 GMT+0100 (CET)
[drm:drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_dependencies [drm_kms_helper]] ERROR [PLANE:30:plane-0] flip_done timed out

I got Fedora 27 with all the latest updates.

Probably you mean version 390.25

Same issues here with the post https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1030209/linux/fedora-27-geforce-gtx-750-ti-rev-a2-driver-390-25-high-cpu-usage/