Nvidia A16 Hyper-V Pass-through Microsoft Server 2022 showing as Inactive on VM


We have a Dell server with an Nvidia A16 was has been passed through to a Hyper-V VM using driver NVIDIA-GRID-Windows-535.104.05-537.13. In the Task Manager under GPU we can see there is some traffic but in the Nvidia GPU Activity it shows 3 as disabled and 1 as inactive. I think that there is only 1 supported but I thought that it should show what applications are using the GPU?

The FeatureType has been configured as per the PDF with the following registry:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\nvlddmkm\Global\GridLicensing with FeatureType set to 0 for vApps

How many GPUs did you PT to the VM?
Have you enabled the default graphics adapter for RDP in the local policy so that the GPU can be used at all?
What do you mean with inactive? Please share a screenshot.

4 GPUs assigned to the VM, local group policy to allow RDP sessions to use the GPU also.


And why do you assign 4 GPUs? I would start with 1 GPU and as long as the OS is not capable to manage proper GPU loadbalancing all the other GPUs don’t make sense at all.
I have still no clue what the screenshot from your task should indicate. Please use GPUProfiler as example to see you have proper GPU load.

Thanks Sschaber, a simple question - on the remote desktop session should I be able to see the applications using the GPU with the Nvidia GPU Activity program from the taskbar or can I only use the GPUProfiler to show the GPU load on the VM?

To be honest I never used the GPU activity icon. Especially for RDSH there are permission issues to see all processes so I would better rely on GPUProfiler metrics.